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The Myth and Literature
IS the theme of volume 23. NEXT issue -2017 is Confessional Literature.Volume 23 is available


The manuscripts should have the following: Length : 4-10 pages in A4 (without the abstract and single-spaced) for articles, 1-3 pages single-spaced in A4 for book reviews; -Fonts : Times New Roman 12; - Title : centered, in capitals, subtitle in small case;-Block Quotations : Times New Roman 10. Please emphasize both in italics and between inverted commas, since a new text-processing might wipe off the italics; Author’s affiliation, the institution’s address and author’s functional e-mail address

Abstracts : For ALLRO, it is essential that abstracts genuinely display the strength of the point they make. The maximum length is about 250 words, therefore brevity should not be used to cover up for hastiness. Concision is welcome. Let it reflect the harmonization between the concision of thought and the concision of style. When the abstract is ready, authors should check if it is effective for specialists and for non-specialists as well. For the topics on Romanian literature, it is important that they strike a chord with readers who do not hold a degree in Romanian language and literature. Given ALLRO’s specific area of interest, in the abstract authors must also focus on a succint contextualization of their topic. That is why the abstracts are granted more words than in other cases. Please don't use the 250 words for something verbose or hairsplitting. We strongly encourage prospective authors to use footnotes for additional information, explanations, and not for works cited. The references should be in the text . For in-text citations, there are specific rules and specific styles. Please check them before submitting. Citation, bibliography: The academic style guide recommended for our journal is MLA Handbook for Writers of Research Papers, seventh edition, 2009. The Chicago Manual of Style (16th edition) with footnote citation format is also accepted. All materials belonging to the prospective authors are protected by the respective copyright regulations. Members of ALLRO do not disclose the content of the materials and do not jeopardize in any way the copyright safety of the prospective articles. The address for sending the materials is: You can address your questions to the editorial secretary or to the reviews editors. You may use the mail address of the editorial secretary or the reviews editors for sending a manuscript only if you have their explicit consent about being ready to forward your manuscript.

Disclaimer : The responsibility of the opinions, ideas and attitudes expressed in this journal belongs solely to the authors. By sending us a cover letter or their CV, authors consent that the submitted articles are their original work.

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