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ISSUE 2021 volume 28: POLITICS AND LITERATURE (see also ALLRO's International Conference 29-30 May 2020 organized in collaboration with national & international partners)

ISSN 1224-7588

  • ‘FAMILIES AND MEMORIES – CONVERGENCES, DISTANCES AND SPACE’ International VideoConference 29-30 May 2020

  • Conference`s programme 29-30 May 2020
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    ANNALS OF THE UNIVERSITY OF ORADEA ROMANIAN LANGUAGE AND LITERATURE FASCICULE is an academic, peer-reviewed journal, aiming to bridge the world of academic literary criticism and theories with evaluations on everyday literary phenomenon as reflected in the Romanian literary magazines and cultural events. ALLRO intends to harmonize two approaches on criticism: the academic, research-oriented study on one hand, with the critical valuations expressed by influential, value-oriented critics in the pages of the active Romanian literary magazines and literary gazettes, on the other hand. The general outlook of our journal is that the field of theory should be connected and not disconnected from the most recent realities of contemporary books. The academic study of literary texts may find new creative resources when intellectually confronting the debate-focused style of criticism predominant in the top Romanian literary magazines of the moment. A section of the book-reviews in ALLRO promotes young or still young Romanian critics who have dared to challenge long-established paths/patterns of Romanian criticism.

    THE TOPICS COVERED BY OUR JOURNAL: ◊ The dynamics and trends of Romanian literature. ◊ The dialogue of Romanian literature with other cultures and literatures. ◊ Identity, otherness, anthropology and literature, cultural studies. ◊ Identity and literary constructs. ◊ Time and literary theory. ◊ Myths and (Post)modern authors. ◊ Language phenomena, Romance languages and literatures. ◊ Comparative literature. ◊ European Romance languages and literatures and their dialogues with other continents.

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